I mostly paint outside in a landscape which inspires me. This of course is somewhat dependant on the weather, and although summer is a breeze, I am not much good at being out in the freezing cold.  So to capture the magical colours and the bare trees in winter (in some ways my favourite season), I steal a scene through a window or from a balcony.  I also work in my studio from sketches and even from photos I have taken throughout the year.

My medium is pure watercolour.  I am a bit impatient to complete a picture, so its immediacy suits my temperament, despite the high risk of failure. I relish the company of other artists, so enjoy working with the Highgate Watercolour Group and the Norwich Outdoor Painting Group run by Richard Bond (who used to be a fellow member of the HWG).

My studio is in East Anglia by the river Waveney.  My work is in private collections here and abroad.  I exhibit in Cork Bricks Gallery in Bungay and with the Highgate Watercolour Group in London, and you can find details of these groups on their websites –  see links.